Helping faith communities talk better about sex

About a year ago, I was slogging through dissertation writing when I came upon a call for applications for a program run through my university called Humanities in the Community. My dissertation is about Baptists and sex, and yet I was still having trouble making my topic feel fresh and relevant and – well, sexy.

Researching faith & sexuality (Video)

Talking about sex can be difficult, and it can be even more difficult in many faith communities. Check out this recent video where I explain how my work helps faith communities better navigate discussions of sexuality. Produced by: Marge Perko

Survey on faith & sexuality

Help contribute to my research by taking this anonymous online survey about faith and sexuality. The survey is open to individuals 13 years and older of all faith backgrounds (non-Christian, little or no faith background, “it’s complicated,” etc.), and I’m specifically targeting people who are currently or previously part of Christian communities.

Reimagining My Résumé

As part of my participation in the UC Humanities Research Institute's Humanists@Work conference, I walk my fellow graduate students through the process of reimagining the résumé and how to use it to tell your career story.

Bilingualism in Bayside, TX (Video)

How does bilingualism work in a small Texas town marked by migration, an agricultural economy, and language crossing? This short documentary film highlights some of my collaborative masters research on bilingualism in south Texas. Produced by: Kimberly Dahl, Jennifer Lang, and Shawn Warner-Garcia

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